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Sunday, 27 November 2005

The webREACTION project aims to provide the functionality of the chemical expert system, REACTION, as a set of platform independent web services available for general use by the internet community.

The webREACTION system is divided into a client side, where the user interface resides, and a server side, where the bulk of the computations take place. The client interface is a platform independent JAVA menu interface which sets up the information needed for the analyses. On the server side, the computationally intensive manipulations and analyses are made through a pallette of C, C++ and database algorithms and procedures. It is the task of the user, through the client interface, to provide and set up the information needed by the algorithms on the server side.

Tutorials are available which describe the system and give an idea of its current capabilities.

The webREACTION client can be downloaded here

 This client-server separation allows a considerable degree of flexibility in the configuration and use of the webREACTION system:

  •  Platform Independence:  The client can be used under both UNIX and Windowsoperating systems.
  • Computational Separation:The client does not have the computational requirements that the server does and thus it can reside on relatively low powered platforms. The server can be independently selected to optimize computational efficiency.
  • Collaboration: Several collaborate, using client interfaces independent of their location in cyberspace (they could be in the next room or on the other continent), can share and access the same server information to develop collaborative results.


The webREACTION system has the following basic structure:

 webREACTION Structure Overview



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