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Courses taught in Computer Sciences and Chemistry. At both the University of Linz in Austria and University of Lund in Sweden. Some of the entries are entire courses. Others are individual one or two hour courses.

Some of the courses are being transfered to a Moodle (A course management environment). These courses are in various stages of development. The minimum is setting up the PDF files of the lecture slides within the structure of the course management system. This is basically one PDF set of slides per topic. Some also include other information such as links and supplementary material. Some courses are being developed to utilize the full extend of not only the Moodle environment, but also the use of other internet resources, such a databases, visualizations, external (public domain) software and even web services of software developed by me.


Many of the courses have been registered at Merlot (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching).


  • Combustion Kinetics  ( 2 items )

    These are set of courses, ranging from single lectures in topics of combustion kinetics to full courses (or parts of courses).


  • Chemistry  ( 4 items )

    These are the courses in computer-aided organic Synthesis and combustion that were taught at both the University of Linz and the University of Lund.


  • Computer Science  ( 4 items )
    These are the courses in programming that were taught at the University of Linz and University of Lund.

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