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This is the list of projects on which I am working. I will make a distinction between European Community projects, Swedish National Projects and projects involving applications of the REACTION++ and ANALYSIS++ systems (not necessarily conntected with a funded project).
  • Generic Combustion Curves  ( 1 items )
    The qualitative notion that ignition processes have similar behavior, even over an extensive range of starting conditions, is quantitatively demonstrated through the production of a single 'generic' ignition curve.  The key to the production of the generic curve is the recognition that the basic shapes of the species and temperature profiles occuring in the ignition process differ only in their 'timing'. By 'morphing' the time scale, the profile shapes can be made to align. From the aligned profile shapes a generic or 'average' profile can be derived.  Ignition progress times are modified by synchronizing events.  In addition to fixing the ignition time to have the progress value of one, intermediate ignition events (such as selected profile maxima or inflection points) that occur before ignition are also aligned to have specific 'normalized' times.  The exact species behavior under differing conditions is treated as a perturbation from this 'generic' curve.  Parameterizing such perturbations result in simpler and more accurate relationships and, more importantly, fewer governing parameters.  The ignition progress, however, is still just one parameter.  In this normalized time representation, a particular ignition progress value always represents the exact same event, regardless of conditions. This has consequences when 'mixing' two different conditions. Under the normalized time, for example, the expected average mixed state profiles can be accurately reproduced. When not normalized, perturbed profiles are produced. 
  • Organic Chemistry  ( 3 items )

    The REACTION system has its roots in computer-aided organic synthesis (CAOS), but the major emphasis in the last years has been in the combustion mechanism development. However, the basic concepts and tools used in combustion mechanism development can be readily applied (and indeed had roots in) CAOS and organic synthesis in general.

    The set of organic synthesis projects consist of transforming the tools within the REACTION system toward supplying useful tools for organic chemistry. At the moment there will be two (definitely not orthogonal) directions. One is to make the physical chemistry analysis tools within the REACTION system visible within GUI and set up as web-services. The second emphasis is to set up these tools and web-services as tools within chapters in an eLearning context.
  • Swedish Projects  ( 3 items )
    These are projects sponsered by swedish research funds.
  • European Community  ( 6 items )
    These are European Community projects I have been involved (deliverables) in.

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