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Through this set of tutorials, the capabilities of the system are illustrated and the guidelines and groundwork for using the system for the user's own applications is established. For those new to the system, it is suggested to go through all the tutorials. This will give a feel for how the system should be used. The Basics tutorial illustrates the general structure of the menu and fundamental system oriented commands. The Viewing tutorial show how to view the basic chemical objects. The Generation tutorials go through the steps of mechanism generation. The Manipulation tutorials illustrate some useful helping tasks for mechanism generation.

Just as a hint, some of the tutorials require files from the client directory (and remember to run the system, this client directory has to be set -- under 'View-View System Properties'). These files can be found on the server. Download using 'Files-From Server'.


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webReaction: Manipulations 4255
webREACTION Client: Viewing Database 4089
webREACTION client Basics 3999
webReaction Client Mechanism Generation 4281
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